Making Cultural Connections

aka Making Connections, Inc.

We are guided by a culturally diverse; world traveler group of members (educators, cultural presenters, artists, and community advoctes) with high levels of expertise and experience in education, culture, and family support.

Board Members:

Dulce Isalguez Parker
Founder,Executive Director
Cultural Educator
Parent Education/Youth Leadership Training

Luisa Rondon, MD

Community Volunteer
Dominican Republic
Dallas, TX

Louella Pointer

City of Dallas Housing & Community Services Case Worker,
Dallas, TX

Elliott Smith

Bilingual Spanish Educator
Dallas, TX

Rosanne Bell

Retired Elementary School Bilingual Educator
Dallas, TX

Gilberto Barrera

Retired Dallas Elementary School Principal - Ecuador

Alicia Alvarez

Community Outreach
Chicago, IL

Lesley Lanig
/ Community Volunteer / Presenter
-MS Public Health

Finance Officer

Bill Parker -


Community Advisory Members

Giraud Polite
, Artist/Professor Dallas County Community College District, Dallas, TX

Hugo Peart
/ Retired, Dallas ISD/Juvenile Department Program Coordinator – Cultural Presenter
Panama – Dallas, TX

Jacco Velarde
Artist, Andinas Music Cultural Presenter
Bolivia, Dallas, TX

Leo Hassan
/ African Drummer, Artist,
Dallas, TX

Divina Garcia
/ Cultural Presenter – Bilingual Teacher
Dominican Republic
Arlington, TX

Lidia Morris
/ Cultural Presenter - Bilingual Educator
UTA Arlington, TX
Dominican Republic

Ashley Burn-Jacobs
/ Cultural Presenter – Bilingual Teacher
Richardson, TX

Tamara Antonetti
/ Community Volunteer – Cultural Presenter – Dominican Republic
Dallas, TX

Luis S. Rondon
/ JPMorgan/Chase – Community Volunteer - Dominican Republic
Dallas, TX

Marcia Vanderpool
/ Community Volunteer, Cultural Presenter
Dominican Republic
Richardson, TX

Annual Board Meeting - Dallas, Texas -
­June 9, 2018
Elliott Smith, Bill Parker, Ashley Burn-Jacobs, Louella Pointer, Dr. Luisa Rondon, Dulce Parker, & Rosanne Bell

Thank You” to all our board and community members for their great support

Board Meeting July 2017

Board Members Presenting Cultural Programs in Dallas, TX

Divina Garcia – Caribbean Children's Carnival,
Polk Wisdom Library

Lesley Lanig – Barbados Culture,
Oak Cliff Cultural Center,

Hugo Peart – La Cultura Cura, Youth Leadership. LG Pinkston HS

Ashley Burn-Jacobs – Belezian Culture

Tamara Antonetti -Mask Making,
Latino Cultural Center

Leo Hassan- Afro-Caribbean Drumming,
Portfolio Residence Services

Updated 22 Apr 2019