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Educational & Cultural Programs, Workshops, and Presentations:

  • After School Enrichment

  • Parent Education

  • School Parental Involvement

  • Cultural Education/Cultural Diversity

  • Youth Leadership Skills

  • Staff Development

Presented at: Schools, Community & Cultural Centers, Churches, Recreation Centers, Businesses

Make a Difference in our Schools"

"Bringing Parents & Schools Together"
(Parent Involvement/Education Program)

Workshop Description:

An interactive educational workshop for parents that focuses on increasing parental involvement in school, better understanding of school policies and procedures, parent-school expectations, increasing parent-teacher communication, and parenting skills. A Parent Needs Assessment is conducted

4 hour (workshop presented in 2 sessions)


"La Cultura Cura" The Culture Cures
(Cultural Education) & (Staff Development)

"La Cultura Cura"
The Culture Cures

n interactive multicultural education workshop for parents and youth that teaches best practices to promote Reading, Writing, Math, History, and Art using their cultural heritage. Our goal is to engage parents to use culture as a valuable pool of resources to motivate children to learn and be SUCCESSFUL in school. Parents learn educational activities that motivate learning at home, promote self-esteem, and embrace cultural customs and traditions of Mexico, the Caribbean Islands, Africa, and the United States..

Staff Development (one time 3 hour workshop)

Cultural Mural


"Caribbean Roots"
(Cultural Education Enrichment)

Take a cultural journey to the Caribbean Islands and experience hands-on activities that include Art, Mask Making, History, Geography, Storytelling, and Dancing. Learn about their rich cultural diversity and heritages coming from Indigenous (Taino), European and African cultures. The presentation highlights the discovery of America, customs & traditions, and the African cultural influences that exist today.

TEKS: Social Studies; Geography, History, Culture , Art, Music, Dance, & Reading

Grades: 2 and up

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